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Landlord Tips for Minimizing Stress

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According to a recent study, landlords are among the groups that are proved to be the most vulnerable to stress related illnesses. Specialists advise that the condition has been undermined and special attention needs to be paid to the stressful situations. Below are a few tips on how to facilitate the chores. 1. Plan ahead to avoid stressful surprises. 2. Protect yourself with a home insurance policy to cover potential loss in case something happens to the condition of your property. 3. Arrange a detailed London property inventory to be able to prove what you are saying is correct and...

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Get it Signed

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In their efforts to protect their property, landlords do their best to document deliberately the condition of their property and ensure non of their possessions is lost. They are ready to pay extra for the most secure service and cut off on entertainment in order to secure their belongings. However in their hurry landlords often forget the most important thing – having the tenants sign the report. Not signed check in report has no value whatsoever, since the tenant can doubt its truthfulness and might dispute it later. So dear landlords, when you have your check in report London...

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Home Inventory Predecessors

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Inventory services have been around since people recognized the need to keep track of material belongings. Firstly utilized for business and stock flow, recently the service has been widely spread over properties. London property inventory has become a very useful innovation for many landlords and letting agents, also to home-owners. The law recognizes it as an independent legal document able settle a potential dispute between the different parties. Similarly to the regular checks done in business atmosphere to track the incoming and outgoing stock; home inventory has developed in providing...

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Statistical evidence shows that the baby boomer generation, known for their willingness to perform major services on their own (DIY), is slowly being replaced by the next generation that is an originator of the new concept of YDI – You Do It. According to the facts young professionals aged 25 or less are more prone to pay a professional to perform the service for them which is also the reason for the increasing number of different service provider. Accelerator of this trend is also the busier agenda that today’s professionals are experiencing, in comparison with the stressless...

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What to Look for in an Inventory Report?

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The key to performing good quality inventory report is to find the balance between being concise and descriptive. Being able to document all the possessions within the property withing less pages is a vital asset. A simple and clear check in report London is appreciated by all parties in the tenancy. Usage of basic language is also essential. Items documented should be organized according to the type of the items and rooms. Furthermore along with the number of the items, their model and condition is also very important. To learn more about the importance of inventory reports call our office...

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