Landlord Tips for Minimizing Stress

Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in News | 0 comments

Stress FreeAccording to a recent study, landlords are among the groups that are proved to be the most vulnerable to stress related illnesses. Specialists advise that the condition has been undermined and special attention needs to be paid to the stressful situations. Below are a few tips on how to facilitate the chores.
1. Plan ahead to avoid stressful surprises.
2. Protect yourself with a home insurance policy to cover potential loss in case something happens to the condition of your property.
3. Arrange a detailed London property inventory to be able to prove what you are saying is correct and just.
4. make sure you keep all the documentation safe and at hand in case a claim needs to be raise.
5. Do your homework! Don’t rush into a new tenancy without having done your research on the background of your potential tenants.