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London Check In Report offers a wide range of inventory services, specializing in preparing professional inventory check-in reports. We cover all London areas, serving private and commercial landlords, private tenants, letting agents and property management companies. We work only with AIIC certified inventory clerks to be able to guarantee our clients impeccable inventory services.

Check-in reports– both landlords and tenants need a check-in report to be compiled at the beginning of the rental agreement, where the general condition of the property is recorded. All our check-in inspections are carried out following the AIIC’s rules and regulations. Every report consists of a detailed written part and a comprehensive photographic documentation of the contents of the property. Thus, in the event of a rental dispute(damage, theft or loss), both landlords and tenants are guaranteed fast and fair settlement of the disagreement.

Inventory report– London Check In Report prepares residential (home) inventory reports for landlords , tenants, home owners and letting agents. The inventory report is normally prepared before the check-in report and is not less detailed than the check-in inspections. It also contains written and photographic proof of the house contents- furniture and installations.

Check-out report– this report is prepared at the end of the tenancy period, where the current state of the property is recorded and checked against the check-in report. If you have a tenant moving out, we can provide you with a comprehensive check-out inspection.

Mid-term inspections– we also offer interim inspections throughout the rental agreement where inspections are performed at certain time intervals. In this way, detailed record of the current condition of the rental asset is compiled showing the changes over time.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)– EPC reports show how energy efficient your property is and is legally required from all landlords after 2009. If you are letting out your property and need an EPC, our AIIC inventory clerks carry out professional energy performance certificates
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